Need a Welding Rig?


With Quick Rig you can have your welding truck put together in a day (or two) and SAVE THOUSANDS compared to a traditional welding bed!

Quick Rig

Build a welding bed quick


What if you didn't have to keep waiting to be able to afford or have time to build your welding rig?

Quick Rig makes putting together a welding truck quick and cheaper than a traditional welding bed AND it can make you just as much money!



Online. All digital.

Video Tutorial Course


Have you said any of these statements to yourself

or someone else in the last few months?

I wish I had money to finally put together a truck.
I could really use to make some extra cash welding on the side.
I don't want a job opportunity to slip by just because I don't have a rig put together.

What if there was a way for you to put together a rig in only one day? ONE!!


That's exactly why I created Quick Rig!

Put together your own rig in a day or two by using the steps and tutorials I've created in the Quick Rig workshop.





Build Video Tutorials

The entire course is video. Showing the build step-by-step!

Master Prints

Build a skid just like mine or build one similar. We'll provide CAD prints and a customization video with ideas on how to make yours unique and work better for you.

Material Lists

Detailed material lists take out all the guesswork. You'll know up front exactly what material to source, price, and pickup.


Right now, you're stuck in the mud.

You need a rig ready and not enough time to do it.


Imagine having a simple put-together welding rig sitting in your driveway waiting to make money and then getting a call for a rig welding job!

I know this can happen for you because I've built multiple skid rigs. Some before I had a job opportunity and later on when I had a job I needed to get to quick after buying a new truck.

Rarely will you get an opportunity before you're ready.

So let's get you ready for a job blessing.



I'm Austin Ross

A Quick Rig is exactly what I used

to rig out my new to me 06 Dodge in 2012 and again in 2013 when I traded that truck in for my first new ‘13 Dodge that I still weld out of today. It was the perfect stepping stone to my custom bed builds, and I’ve seen dozens of others use this to get started on a budget, rig out a new truck, get back up and going after a career switch or rig back out after an accident.

I’ve made over $125,000 running a Quick Rig

for two six-month stints.

A Quick Rig can make you just as much money as any other welding rig.

Ready to get rigged out? This course includes everything you need to know, including a Minimal Rig Out List for Rig Welders. The perfect go-to list to know which tools to buy first and which brands are worth investing in.

Quick Rig Workshop consists of Three Modules

Get Started

  • Hire In (video)
  • Course Checklist
  • Whole Build Tutorial (Video)
  • Lists + Prints
    • Material List for build (download)
    • Tools List for Build (download)
    • CAD Prints (download)
  • Step-by-Step Build Lessons (Videos) 
    • Intro + Disclaimer, Base, Welders Mounts, Bottles, Leads, Box Assembly, Box Mount, and Build Wrap-Up


  • Customizations + Add-ons (video)
  • Loading Ideas (Video + Download)
  • Best Machines (Video + Download)
  • Ultimate Rig Welder Tools List (Video + Download)
  • Locking Up Leads (Video)


I'm Ready to build my Quick Rig!

Answers To Your Questions


Side Hustlers • Future Pipeliner • Welder Helpers • Greenhands • High School Student • Welding School Graduate • Hobby Welder • Metal Craftsmen • Farmer • Rancher • High School Graduate • Occasional Welder • Retiring Military

Green or Graduate

If you are strapped for cash or little to start your own side hustle the Quick Rig will get you going now. If you are young and hungry this is the perfect project to set you on a path to success. Getting started in anything is tough and welding won’t cut you any slack. Spread out your funds a bit by keeping your rig simple and filling it with those helpful tools that will return on themselves the first time you use them.

Occasional Welder

The weekender or farmer or guy who just needs a welder every now and then. I love the Quick Rig for you because it’s everything you need on one skid. Easily removable and easily to access when you do need it. It can work on both a flatbed or regular bed truck. I even share some lifting options so depending on your situation you may be able to life the whole contained unit on and off your truck at any given time. Now that’s handy!

Side Huster or Future Pipeliner

If you have started your tool collection but haven’t nailed down an actual rig I think the Quick Rig is the right next step. Sure a toolbox and welder thrown in the back of the truck can work, but you will be working frustrated. It doesn’t take much to get yourself organized and boy will it make you feel good and put together as you head off to that next job.



Here's How This Works

Step One:

Purchase your workshop spot

Step Two:

Check your email for your login info and easy steps on how to access the workshop today

Step Three:

Follow the workshop framework to build your own welding rig in just a day or two

Step Four:

Step back, admire your work, and park her in the driveway so she’s ready for opportunity to call


Material Cost: $800 - $1000 depending on your area and design choices

Refund Policy: Due to the digital nature of this workshop, there will be no refunds after purchase. I don’t foresee any regrets with how simple this makes building a welding bed.


Imagine where you could be 6 months from now if you just had a put-together welding rig that you could use to make extra money.

Imagine if you could make back the $800 in material this bed cost you working just 10 hours worth of work…. That’s only a day or two of side work to pay for itself!

The Backstory

I’m a welder by trade and rig welder by choice. I knew soon after getting my first single-hand welding job in a local shop making $12/hr. that going to work at the same place every day and welding inside a building just wasn’t for me. So I saved every penny I could, bought my first welding rig, and have been a rig welder ever since. In the last 12 years, I’ve worked for myself, welded on drilling rigs around Oklahoma, welded on pipelines in 7 different states, and found my way online, sharing my love of this trade and lifestyle with fine people like you.

I build my first Quick Rig (also known as a skid, bathtub, or tub rig within the industry) in 2012 when I purchased a new to me 06 White Crew Cab Dodge as an upgraded welding rig from my Red ‘95 Dodge (turns out the ‘06 wasn’t as reliable as the ‘95, but that’s a story for a different day). I wanted to build a custom welding bed, but I needed to get working out of it quickly and on a budget. So I build a Quick Rig! The second Quick Rig (still long before we’d coined the term) was in 2013 when I was home for a short time from a pipeline job in Ohio and decided it was time to get rid of my problematic 06 Dodge. I traded it in for a ‘13 Dodge single cab and needed to leave for work quickly. So I built a Quick Rig, and my wife and I headed back for the hills of Ohio.

A welding skid or bathtub rig has been around in the welding world for a long time, but after my first experience building one and working out of it I saw just how many benefits they have. So when I asked myself what was next in helping anyone that’s been like a past me, the Quick Rig rose to the top. It’s just too handy, too cheap, and makes too much sense for anyone on a budget or in a hurry to get rigged out.

I worked out of that first skid/tub rig for about six months chasing drilling rigs, in tank farms, a fab shop, and picking up side work when I could doing mobile welding before I build my first custom bed and headed off for my first job on the road. The second Quick Rig I worked out of for over six months in the hills of Ohio by the West Virginia border and probably brought home $80,000. Heck, my brother even borrowed a half-ton truck of mine in 2011 to work a pipeline job in Texas for a few weeks, and just his rig check that he gave to me as reimbursement paid for the material of the skid. That doesn’t even touch the others I’ve seen on the R.O.W. and oilfield yards over the years. Proving you don’t have to have an expensive welding bed to follow your dreams, work your trade, and provide for your family.

get QUICK RIG today for only $97!


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 Quick Rig will help you put together a welding truck in just one or two days! And save you thousands compared to a traditional welding bed.

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